Anna has spoken at numerous schools, science festivals, conferences and more! She and the DPI team have also conducted educational workshops in-person and via Skype (and other videoconferencing software) to help teach others about related STEM topics around the world. We are happy to engage new partners and happy to help spread the word. If we can accommodate, we’d love to speak with you/your schools, community groups and other organizations to help spread our message, and to invite your students to work with us.

Our exciting, inspiring and informative program content includes an introduction to the science of plastics/microplastics, some engineering and science projects that you can do yourselves or in groups, some ways that you can develop your own related programs in your communities, and some innovations in the field of plastic recycling that you can get involved in – be an innovator and help us solve this major world problem together!

Below are some of Anna’s recent/upcoming events:

  • The Beijing International Science Festival at the Olympic Park in Beijing
  • The STEMNext Opportunity Fund Celebration Event at the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation in Palo Alto, CA
  • Keynote Speaker at the 2019 Annual Lead Like A Girl Conference in New Jersey
  • Andover School of Montessori 2019 Community Outreach
  • The Czech Republic Science Festival in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Russia’s Science Carnival 2019

We’d be happy to speak with you about an event at your school or community center too! Reach us via the Contact Us Page above.
Read more about Anna’s schedule relating to outreach events, and see video of some of our programs at